We Are The Rogue Birders

Adam W.

Heading up our Birds & Brews feature is Adam Wilson. Adam is a co-leader of the Greenfield Birders and is a board member of Nameless Creek Youth Camp.

Adam helps lead the Greenfield Birders walks, every second and fourth Saturday of the month, April-October at local Greenfield, Indiana parks. An aspiring nature photographer, Adam regularly posts birds and beer via Instagram @NikonBirdHunter

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Christopher C.

Christopher is the Founder of Rogue Birders. He is also the Photo Editor of The Ohio Cardinal Magazine, Communications Chair, and a Regional Director for the Ohio Ornithology Society He has also worked as a birding tour guide and marketing specialist. He will be leading tours at The Biggest Week in American Birding in May.

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Rogue Birders

This is us! Posts under this name are often fun, informational, or links to other sites (news, entertainment, pages of friends).

You can find us on Facebook here for more stories, photos, and bird stuff!

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Janice F.

Janice is a wildlife rescue specialist and die-hard Local Patch Birding proponent. A frequent contributor to our Rogue Rehab feature, Janice has quickly become a fan favorite!

She's crazy

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Whitney & Jonathan Y.

Whitney and Jonathan Yoerger are outdoor living, bike-pedaling, green-minded birders, who head up our Birding Bikes and Bites series.

They spent years in Savannah, Ga., chipping away at multiple art degrees, riding bikes and scooters, and launching rockets off rooftops. Postcollege, they picked up their first pairs of binoculars, moved to Hong Kong for 18 months, and fell down the rabbit hole of birding.

The Yoergers currently live in Zionsville, Ind., where they keep "five-mile-radius" and "zero-carbon" birding lists.

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Jeff P.

Dr. Jeff Peters is a Professor of Biology at Wright State University in Dayton, OH. His typical bio includes things like, "DNA polymorphisms ", "molecular evolution", and "interspecific hybridization". Let's just say that he's a REALLY smart guy and a fan favorite on the Rogue Birders Facebook page - and he likes beer!

Jeff is also Recording Secretary for the Ohio Ornithological Society Board of Directors.

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Randy Vanderbilt

Randy, an avid musician and birder, is co-creator of the Hoosier Birders on Vacation page with his wife, Lisa. While still loving to travel the country for birds, the two of them also did an Indiana Big Year two years in a row (2018, 2019).

In his earlier years, Randy toured the country playing shows with his band. He still works on music to this day, mainly writing and recording for different projects in his home studio.

Always thinking of ways to combine his love for birding, music, and creativity; he is contributing his musical talents to the Rogue Birders site.

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Tim J.

Tim Jasinski is a Wildlife Rehabilitation Specialist at Lake Erie Nature & Science Center in Cleveland, OH.

Jasinski's interest in Lake Erie Nature & Science Center began in 2006, when he found an injured Hairy Woodpecker that had struck a window. He brought the injured bird to the center for treatment and then began volunteering for the non-profit organization. In 2013, he reached his goal of becoming the center's wildlife rehabilitation specialist.

Jasinski was recently recognized by the Ohio Wildlife Rehabilitators Association at their annual conference for his work in the field of wildlife rehabilitation.

Tim leads bird walks for the Western Cuyahoga Audubon Society and The Biggest Week in American Birding. He has received professional training through OWRA, National Wildlife Rehabilitation Association and the International Wildlife Rehabilitation Council.

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Alex E.

Alex is a Regional Director for the Ohio Ornithological Society and works as bird bander at Black Swamp Bird Observatory.

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Jacob R.

Jacob, a recent graduate of Kent State University with a degree in Zoology, founded Rogue Birders with Chris back in 2014. Having completed more than one successful Ohio Big Year and a mini-Lower 48 Big Year, Jacob has turned his focus to birding more locally. Jacob is also a Regional Director for the Ohio Ornithological Society.

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David D.

David is an avid birder in Columbus, Ohio who birds by camera and has no use for binoculars. He graduated with a degree of Animal Science/Intergrated Sciences in 2014.

David volunteers with the Lights Out Program for Columbus and spends his other volunteer hours with the Ohio Wildlife Center.

David enjoys teaching his school-age programs about bird species using his photography and eBird reports.

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